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Vantage VO2 Max

Vantage VO2 Max

Vantage VO2 Max
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150 capsules
VANTAGE VO2Max (150 capsules)
For Endurance and Power:
to beat the BURN
4 capsules of VO2Max + 2 capsules of MOTIVATOR = ROCKET FUEL

with CORDYCEPS and RHODIOLA as adaptogens
Chromium and Vanadium as cofactors
Perfect for phosphate loading better than Phos Fuel or Optygen
far superior to any product in its category
enhance celullar metabolism
optimize the ATP/CP, lactic acid and anaerobic energy systems
buffer lactic acid build-up
reduce accumulation of ammonia and other metabolic wastes
increase oxygen availability by 12%
extend endurance
elevate anaerobic threshold
increase maximal power output by 17%